Comprehensive Pharmacovigilance & Medical Information services in Israel

Medicalix provides its clients with a complete package of safety, pharmacovigilance & medical information operations in Israel

Pharmacovigilance & medical device vigilance services in Israel

A comprehensive local pharmacovigilance service in Israel that includes a local qualified person for pharmacovigilance (LQPPV), case possessing...

Medical information services in Israel

A local team of medical professionals will respond to healthcare providers and patient inquiries and proactively distribute information…

Monitoring of social networks & digital media

Monitoring social media and websites, including for marketing campaigns, to identify any adverse effects and reporting them to the client and/or authorities accordingly. Support for Hebrew and Arabic languages.

Expanding the reach of the world's leading provider of Pharmacovigilance and Medical Information services.

Medicalix is partnering with top service providers in the world to expand their Pharmacovigilance and Medical Information services to Israel…